Hi everyone! Hope you've had a great vacation. Now it's time to show our stuff-our concert will be held on Tuesday night, February 26 at 6:45. Bring all your family and friends! Don't forget to arrive by 6:15 for our warm up. We will perform all the songs from last Tuesday's concert. Black bottom, white top-let's look sharp for this performance!!!

We will be working on songs for our multi-cultural concert as well as for the 5th and 6th grade graduation ceremony in June. We are so lucky to have Mrs.Buonanno as our principal and if you see her be sure to thank her for supporting our music activities! Looking forward to seeing everyone next week. Enjoy the weekend!

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    Ms. Diamond is proud and fortunate to teach such fantastic kids! It makes my heart sing when I can share my love of music with you and when you show me how you love to learn!


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